Top 5 Dream Shoes

Like a man who has the dream cars he wants to drive or own..I have the dream shoes I want to rock and own. Here are my top 5 Dream Shoes

5) The Classic Black Louboutin: New Simple Pump
(Classic, chic, and goes with everything)

4) The Mary Jane Manolo Blahniks
(the Iconic pump)

3)Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Platform Pumps
(sexy, classy and so hot!)

2)Stella McCartney Thigh High Boot
(Nothing says SEX like these boots!)

1) The Something Blue Manolo Blahnik 
(The real deal, not the fake I blogged about! LOL)

OH...and a runner up! (of course there is a runner up! LOL)

Yves St. Laurent Tribute Pump
(but I'm going to be honest..that heel would break my neck..that's why it's a runner up! LOL)

So what are you dream shoes, dolls? What would you LOVE to rock that's hot right now?


  1. The Stella McCarthy thigh highs are the business!!! Love the new blog design!

  2. Those Mary Janes are cuuuuute!!!

  3. My one and only, Bianca, courtesy of Mr. Louboutin, will always be my number one. I will say, though, that Manolo Mary Jane is the double truth!


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