Are You F***king Kidding Me?

So I am on Facebook, checking my messages, when I get a message from my "light skinnededed sister from another mister', Hilary (check her out at  sends me a message saying "Hey...have you seen this shoe??"

Low and Behold......the 8 inch Ballet Shoe by Christian Louboutin

*blank stare*

These are, on record, the highest heels on record ( I dunno if Guiness measured this or what). They do have the trademark red bottom and are covered in Swarowski crystals. Pricetag: Astronomical.  Obviously, Mr. Louboutin is just "feeling himself right now" and can't possibly think some woman is going to try and walk in these things...

Or is he right? There have been other "ballet stillettos" on the market. None as high as the Lou-Bous up top. But still, they are impractical. Watch as a lady tries to walk in a pair....

Ok. You must be a saddist to even find these things remotely sexy. I mean, this is def meant to be "art" and not a practical heel. I mean really!!! I would simply encase them and not try to wear them... I hear that a lot of women who are into s&m or men who are "foot fetishist" really love these things. I can see why. I mean really..the only thing you can do is tip-toe to the bedroom in these things.

I'll pass. I broke two toes in a tragic "walking into furniture" accident back in 03 and I can't even imagine a more excruciating pain....until now. This would be punishment in some third world country I am sure.

So..yes..Imma need Mr. Louboutin to go back to the drawing board and continue to make heels that are still high but not as impractical as this..

*smh*...some folks got too much money and time on their hands...

Ok. Imma need Mr. Louboutin and others to rethink this foolishness.


  1. I'm sorry that ish looks soo painful! I'm hurting as she walks...LoL

  2. I'mma have to call that broad "Wiggles" because she is just wiggling all over the place. That looks SO painful, like foot binding painful. Just looking at it makes me think of a Barbie doll foot: permanently pointed.

  3. Yeah, i saw these shoes a little while back and was incredulous. Who would waste their money on shoes they can only wear for 5 minutes then then take off? They look torturous!


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