Bum Ankle and Attack of the Flats

Dear Lovelies:

In a weird twist of nature (pun intended), I sprained my ankle. I'd be remiss if I didn't share with my darling shoe lovers about my freak ankle injury that I had..  I am not even sure HOW i did it. I do not commute in heels (I always wear a flat and then carry my heels in my tote). Nevertheless...I've been diagnosed with a Level 3 sprain, torn ligaments and all! Luckily..nothing is broken... But still..This has made me truly sad and bummed out for several reasons....

1) I just got a LOT of fab heels over at Zappos.com and 6pm.com and truly wanted to rock them as soon as the weather got cool
2) This has put a dent in my plans for upping my cardio and getting back on my fitness kick.
3) Did I say NO HEELS???
4) So much for going on hot dates in my new heels (LOL)

This is my ankle loves...

And this is my face.....


The doc says I have to be outta heels for a MONTH! A MONTH, ya'll! Not to mention, I have to wear an ankle stabilizer as well. So that limits my shoe options.... No snazzy wedges..no stilettos...and no big chunky heels. I looked in my closet and realized while I do have flats, they are not very supportive in the arch (with the exception of some loafers..but uhm..we can't wear loafers w/ EVERYTHING!) What shall I do? What shall I DO??

But never the down-and-out shoe diva, I've turned this into a lesson in shopping.  First, I bought pants to cover this hideous ankle brace (LOL). Secondly...I DEF realized I need more supportive flats.  I've decided to clean out my closet...and get rid of those unsupportive flats...and also switch out my summer shoes to my fall/winter shoes (which I do this time of hear anyway)....So..I took a trip over to my VIP Zappos account (Yeah chile..they upgraded me! LOL)...and put a few flats on the "wish list". Check out what has caught my eye....

Gabriella Rocha NeveGabriella Rocha NeveGabriella Rocha Neve
Gabrille Rocha "Neve" (comes in 10 colors) $69
MICHAEL Michael Kors Fulton Moccasin
Michael Kors  "Fulton" Moccasin  $98
Bandolino Holden
Bandolino "Holden" $59
Bandolino Until
Bandolino "Until" $56.89 (SALE)
Naughty Monkey From Paris
Naughty Monkey "From Paris" $54.99 (SALE)
Unlisted Savor It
Unlisted by Kenneth Cole "Savor It" $45

While I realize I can't afford ALL of these shoes (not at once)...this at least gives me options of what I can and can't wear. I'll know more once II really and truly clean out the clutter. Until then...it is ugly loafers and this ankle brace.

*le sigh*

PS: If you wanna donate to the  "Save Mocha's Flat Shoe Collection" cause...feel free (LMAO)


(No really...feel free. LMAO!)


  1. You poor thing! Your face was priceless. I'm sorry to laugh, but it was classic. Hope you are up to ol' stiletto self in no time! Those Michael Kors Mocs are niiiiice!

  2. Oh bummer! Im sorry that happened, girl. It sounds painful/ :( I hope it heals quickly.

    I like that Brandolino shoe!

    Jessica Simpson makes a VERY comfy ballet flat too. Those are my every shoes for work.


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