Shoe Dupes: A Little "Something Blue"

I, like many of you, had been salivating over this shoe ever since their big screen debut in 2008.....

Oh you know the shoe....

Do I need to remind you?? When she first pulls them out of that massive walk-in closet that Big had made for her? Or maybe it was when she finally wore them for her civil wedding to John aka BIG??
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YES! I'm talking about the Manolo Blahnik "Something Blue" Satin pumpmade famous by Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker-one of my style muses...)

Just an immensely gorgeous shoe. The bright blue. The jeweled detail.....The perfect arch..the right heel height. Meant to be a one-of-akind and not mass produced, Manolo Blahnik had to appease salivating fans and make it for the market.

The details:
Cobalt blue satin. Silvertone hardware. Crystal broach detail on vamp. 4 1/4" covered heel. Made in Italy
Pricetag: $945 at both Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman

*Aunt Esther Church roll*

Now, I don't know about you all but I don't have $1000 lying around to plop down on shoes (Yes,I do have my own limits!) So let me tell you how HYPE I was when I saw this almost, identical shoe dupe by fellow italian shoe maker Martinez Valero

(It was $195 on but is no longer available)

I looked and I could not believe that it was SO SIMILAR to the Manolo pump. I mean, dare I say, damn near identical. The "purest" in me was like.."Maybe I shouldn't buy this...let me wait till I get some dough (Or a sugar daddy)" and the "saver" in me thought..."Girl one will know.."

Well...I'd know. and I DIDNT buy the shoe!! *insert dramatic gasp*. And it was SOLD OUT when I finally decided to buy it. BUT, dear Shoe Lovers, do not fret! The shoe is available in both IVORY and BLACK at Also,  if you scope out Ebay you can find it on there ever so often may not be able to get the EXACT shade of blue anymore (or even the exact detail on the vamp), but it's ok! It's a great Shoe Dupe regardless!

So what do you think, lovelies? Good shoe dupe? OR should you save for the real thing?


  1. That shoe looks VERY close! Gorgeous! I would go ahead and get it (lol).

  2. Actually, in this case and many, I tend to like the knock-off more than the original. I like the slightly higher heel on the dupe and the price is MUCH more budget-friendly.

  3. Loving the dupe! I'm all about dupes because I can't use my rent money for a pair of shoes instead! LOL!! Awesome!


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