Beyond the Shoe: Going A Little "Mad"

I love all things 1960s. I mean I really do. The fitted pencil skirts the cardigans, the pearls and earrings.  So trust me when I say when I finally got hip to the critically acclaimed "Mad Men", I was HOOKED! My fav character on the show is Joan (played by my style icon Christina Hendricks). She is curvy, sexy and unapologetic.

So..Banana Republic has always had a "Mad Men" inspired fall line. But this year is the first year that they collaborated with the costume designer from the show.

These clothes are simply divine! I ran out looking for that tweed suit that the model is rocking. And as soon as I saw that tweed suit, I had to have it. It would be a great investment piece and I DID NOT CARE what the price was.I think when I saw the initial ad for it...i was in LOVE!

I went to 2 stores. The first store had my size skirt but the jacket was a tad tight. So I called another location and asked if they bigger jacket and the same size skirt. They kindly held both the skirt and jacket for me until I got off work! I was in LOVE! I got so many compliments on it from the staff (who was a bunch of gay dudes..they wouldn't lie. LOL...) I was going to rock that thing with leather gloves, leopard pumps, and a schweet updo.

They do have shoes but for the price (about $120) they are a bit on the boring side...(well blah really). But check them out! Banana Republic does make a quality product

I'd actually pair these classic sillouttes with a more modern shoe. Perhaps an ankle boot. Or a platform wedge with detailing. Or maybe even an "industrial" stilletto. Like this one by Sam Edelman:
Sam Edelman "Roza" $225 on

So go and check out my NEW favorite collection at Banana Republic

PS: The collection is on sale this WEEK! AND if you open a Banana Republic Card, you get 25% off!


  1. I love the show tooo. And Joan is also my favorite. I wish she and Roger would get it together and get together. They'd make an awesome power couple. I'll have to check out the line. I've been trying to stay out of Banana Republic for a while, trying to stick to my budget. I agree, the quality on the clothing is great. I have them for years with no problems. The shoe quality, though, I find questionable. The soles are so thin. My husband bought me a pair of shoes for Christmas one year and by the end of Spring, they were done!


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