Welcome Shoe Enthusiasts!!

"When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me fatter... shoes always fit."- Toni Collette as Rose Feller  "In Her Shoes"

Welcome my fellow Shoe Enthusiasts and Fetishists (lol)

I know I have my blog over at Sex and the Southern Belle  (and I thank you for loving it so much!!) but I thought that we'd take a departure from all the love and relationship and sex talk...and talk about what really matters..


I am a big, huge, gargantuan shoe freak. I live for shoes HONEY! I MEAN LIVE for them. The higher the heel, the better (for the most part). From Angiolini to Alexander McQueen... from Madden to Manolo ... from Anne Klein to Zanotti and all things in between...I will try and cover all bases! Thus... this blog will be dedicated to all things shoes:

Shoe trends
Whats hot in shoes and shoe accessories right now
Celebrity inspired shoe style
How to step up your shoe game
and of course..
What TheMochaPeach is wearing on her feet!

Now, I have a passion for fashion. But absolutely NOTHING beats my love for shoes. I could go naked and just wear shoes (if it was legal). So...I hope you all enjoy my blog all about the wonderful world of shoes(YES..no sneakers or flip flops allowed)


  1. The stock photo did that shoe NO justice. I'm so glad you posted the actual photo of them on your feet--BEAUTIFUL shoe!! LOVE the shine aka bling!! Um, now how did you get your hands on a coupon? LOL

  2. I need to step up my shoe game seriously, so I will be taking notes!!! lol


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