The "Big" and "Little" of it

My mother is a very small woman. At only about 5 feet tall, she wears a size 4.5 to 5 shoe. She has a TERRIBLE time finding shoes in her size. She's a grown woman and often times she has to get shoes from the Tween section which she can't stand.

On the flip side, my cousin Dee has SUPER large feet. She's a tall woman (almost 6 feet) so her shoe size is a size 11 and she can hardly find anything stylish in those sizes without a) making her look like she has on jet skis and b) looking like a drag queen.

So what are some good sites for the size challenged???

For Small/Petite Feet (sized 2 to 5.5) (has an entire section dedicated to very small feet) (also has an entire section of small feet sizes) (Based out of the UK but they ship internationally and very quickly) (based out of CA....)

For Large Feet (sizes 10 and larger) (operated by world famous Friedman's Shoes)

For both petite AND large shoes

I hope this helps you ladies with those difficult foot sizes find shoes that are stylish, flattering and most of all, YOU! :)


  1. Great links! I think i've heard Wendy Williams mention some of those stores (she has large feet, which she has talked about openly on her tv and radio show).


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