If I were a Rich Girl: Louboutin Shoe Dupes

..I'd own some for real, deal Louboutins.

I'd be sexy. I'd be instantly 5'10" tall and a supermodel with legs like Naomi. I'd be in the company of some of the world's hottest fashionistas...Eva Mendez..J Lo...Iman...J Hud..and Beyonce (even though  I'm not a fan of that wretched singing..bleh.. I give all props to her shoe game..LOL).
(Beyonce at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game: Photo Courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com)

I had been salivating for months over the hot, Swaorwski crystal encrusted Louboutin Daffodile Pumps. I lusted for them..wanted them..went to Mr. Louboutin's page and just stared at them...

...then I looked in my wallet...and my wallet laughed back at me and said "Go sit down you PhD student!" (Actually..it may have cursed me out...LOL)

Pricetag: An unholy, ungodly $3955

So I thought to myself...clearly a Recessionista Fashionista such as myself could find an alternative..and I did...a perfectly alternative Shoe Dupe (I refuse to call it a Knock Off..cmon now! It doesn't have a crayon painted red-bottom. LOL).

Meet the Enzo Angiolini "Sully" Shoe- An exclusive at Nordstrom.com.
Glittery fabric shapes a stunning peep-toe pump balanced atop a lustrous heel and platform.
  • Approx. heel height: 4 1/2" with 1" platform (comparable to a 3 1/2" heel).
  • Textile upper/leather lining/synthetic sole.

 I caught a sale the other day. It was reduced from $100 to about $60...THEN...I had a coupon!! *does the Wop* so I might have paid oh...$45 or something (give or take shipping). Now...they are not Louboutin...BUT they surely set my heart on fire. It was like a sexy disco ball on my feet! Only negative was that they were open toe...but DO NOT FRET, mon cherie!! They have a closed toe version..the Enzo Angiolini "Smile" pump (also a Nordstrom exclusive)

Not only were they sexy, they were extremely comfortable (my test is can I walk down my steps to the mailbox without my ankle hurting..and I was cool). I do have small ankles so as usual, I will need a heel grip, but otherwise it was a WIN!!!

(Don't mind me and my workout leggings. LOL...)

So what do you think lovelies?? Awesome dupe or what???


  1. Girl, I was afraid that you were going to say you picked up a Be-dazzler at Target and some knock-offs at Ross and went to town. LMAO! I crave the Bianca's, too. I had them on my feet at Bergdorf's last September, but they didn't have my color. So I carried myself to Chez Louboutin and do you know Monsieur had the nerve to be closed! GAH! SO CLOSE! *le sigh* One day, you and I will rock our Loubies, toss back some grown up girl drinks and laugh, laugh, laugh.

  2. LOL @ Hilary. I think those are so cute. I honestly can't see myself spending that much money on shoes so it's nice to see more affordable but cute options!

  3. LOL @ Hillary! These are hot Sis! Love the commentary as always smooches!

  4. They are HOT!!!!!!!!! Love 'em!

  5. Honestly - I love the ones you have on wayyyy more than the platform ones (but I think in my old age and fear of falling, I'm shying away from platforms more and more) LOL! Great find!

  6. I, too, think the Enzo's are cuter than the Louboutins. If only I had somewhere to go to wear those shoes.

  7. @Hilary
    Glamorous find.

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