Shoe Diet for 2012: The Last Hurrah!

I know...I know.."say it aint so'!!

But it is!!

I decided to put myself on a SERIOUS shoe diet for 2012. While I do not over indulge in price points for my shoes (no Louboutins for my closet yet!), I do want to shift my focus on other things...and my obsession with shoes is just one of those things that made the cut regarding my budget..

But do not fret!

I made 2 last celebratory purchases for 2012!! SHOES that  I've been lusting after for months....

Sam Edelman "Roza" in Black Velvet and Gold hardware (the red was sold out! I was pissed! LOL)

Chinese Laundry "Moving on" in Aquamarine (which is also my birthstone)

Now...if you want to DONATE to my cause and send me all so! (LOL).... But yes people...I am on a "shoe diet"

(However shall I survive....*le sigh* )


  1. Good luck on this diet (lol). Those last two purchases are fly!!!!


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