My Hautelook Haul: Sam Edelman Novato Slingback Pump

So prior to my self-declared shoe diet I ordered these Sam Edelman shoes from Hautelook that I blogged about a month ago. They were an adequate dupe for the Panama Geometrico Louboutin shoes that Tracy Ellis Ross wore....

I was so thrilled when I got them yesterday! To be very skinny platforms, they were surprisingly comfortable.

The true measure of how hot a shoe is is when you get the straight male stamp of approval . So when I posted them on Instagram I got a few comments like "hmmmmm sexy!" and "those are hot".

And when I showed my "sweetie-crush" he said " Sexy as fuck" so they got his stamp of approval . *blushes* I guess he liked them :)

Unfortunately, Hautelook only has sales for a limited time and things got gone fast! So why don't you join and see if you can catch another hot sale like I did :)


  1. Omg those shoes are bomb!!! I like them a lot better on your feet.

    We'd love it if you started posting the full body shot sometimes (instead of just feet) so we can see how you styled the outfit with the shoes. For ex, Im dying to know what outfit you rocked with these shoes.

  2. @Y...

    Ya know I often times do not have an outfit in mind when I get shoes (LOL) starts with shoes then I build up. BUT...if I happen to have something dope on with any recent shoes I purchase..I will def post it.


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