The New Nudes: Christian Louboutin Launches line of Skin-Tone Nudes

Hello Dolls!

Finally...a designer is listening to us, esp women of color, w ho have an awfully hard tiem finding a HOT pair of nude pumps to match our skin tone.

And who better to take up that mantel was Mr. Christian Louboutin himself....

His new "Nudes" line of Louboutin pumps launching this month promises to elongate your leg and make you look taller, leaner and sleeker (who doesn't want that??) They will come in all his signature styles: The pointy toe Pigalle (My FAV), the curvier Fifi and Simple Pump, as well as the Flo and the signature hidden platform of the Vendome peep toe pump.

If you are curious as to what shade you are, no worries, Louboutin will be launching their "Shades" app to help you find the perfect nude!

So hurry to the nearest Louboutin store or order online! Get them while you can..these 5 exclusive shades  are sure to sell out!

PS: If you are sure you can't swing that price tag, check out my previous post on Nudes!



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