Shoe Dupes: Chloe' Ballet Flat vs. Charles David

Hey Guys!

I know I haven't been here in a while but life gets in the way!

I am here.. however, with a fabulous shoe dupe! I was trolling Pinterest as usual and came across the cutest Chloe' Ballet Pump/Flat (I am not sure what this is categorized as)....

IT was cute and sweet. Reminds every girl of her "inner ballerina" dreams. I thought this would be the perfect flat to change into for my wedding reception.  But for $485 retail via Net-a-Porter I found that to be a TAD bit too steep!

Low and behold..I found a comperable dupe from Charles David via  called Runaround II

And for $34.99 you can't even TELL that that is not the Chloe' ballet flat! Well..the top is a bit more "elastic" and not as mettalic...but otherwise you cannot tell. It is just the cutest and most comfy shoe ever!! LOVE IT

So go on over to  (Only 6.5 and 7.5's are left).. and get you a pair of the RunAround II!!


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