A Few Outfits: Pinterest Inspiration

Hey Guys and Dolls:

Lately I've been "shopping my closet' (as I've declared in 2013) and to help me do that, I've been relying on the wonderful world of Pinterest, which is basically fashion fantasy football for women. LOL. Nevertheless, it has been an awesome tool to revamp my date and work wardrobe. Here are some Pinterest inspired looks I've put together:

(Shirt: CocoaBabies.com (now out of business) Skirt: Express. Shoes: Nine West)

(Denim Jacket: Levis. Dress: PiperLime. Bag: Target)

(Dress: Go Jane. Boots: Naughty Monkey)

(Dress: BeBe. Clutch: Piperlime. Boots: NineWest. Wig (lol): Beshe)

I promise I wont be away too long. I have birthday outfits and things to review.... 



  1. Omg, i really love all these outfits! My favorite is the tutu outfit (been wanting to get me one for a while - maybe for my birthday i'll wear one, lol), and i love the graphic tee with the sequined skirt. Hot!!!

    P.S. Yes, Pinterest is so fun - what took me so long to joint!? lol


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