My Shoes, My Style: (Blue) Belle in the City

I'm heading out tonight w/ one of my good guy friends to a formal dinner for his job. So basically, I am his "escort" in the most platonic, non-sexual sense of the word. (LOL)

 But anywho....any excuse to rock new heels is a good enough one for me!

Remember the Nine West sale I went bananas on over Christmas? Well..I finally got a chance to rock the Flashbulb platform sandals heels for

(excuse my baby oiled ankles...LOL)

I paired it with this long sleeved royal blue side-shirred dress from

I rocked a side bun and gold chain necklace, also from
black clutch by Rampage

I def don't get out too often, but when I do, watch it  me WORK!  Eat your heart out, size 2s!!!!


  1. You look GREAT! I want that dress in pink! lol

  2. Unfortunately, Y..that dress did NOT come in pink: just the basic red, black and blue...and I think winter white


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