My Dark Little Secret And Neutral Wedges

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I have a confession..

I can run in stillettos. And I have ran in stillettos.

But you would hardly ever catch me in a pair of wedges. I am not a strong wedge wearer.

I fear wedges.  I mean I really fear wedges.  After seeing Japanese girls in wedges that were far too hgh for human wear and breaking ankles, I feared my stability on wedges. I think I owned a pair as a teen and wasn't too comfortable in them that is about to change.

Neutral wedges are super hot this summer and I am trying to rock a pair. So I found a pair that I liked over at

"Hortchata" by Not Rated $49.99

I fiugred I could survive. They had a cute ankle strap for support and a pretty stable and wide wedge. Let's pray I do not hit the pavement.

In the are some cute Neutral Wedges you will love...courtesy of

Dolce Vita "Julie" $179.99
Vera Wang Lavender "Pippa" $250.00
Seychelles "Eye to Eye" $110.00

DV by Dolce Vita "Tulle" $79.00

Belle by Sigerson Morrison "Braiden 2" $250
Joan and David "Sibey" $120.00

Franco Sarto "Rose" $110

Nine West "Leoness" $89.00
Bettye Muller "Katy Bis" $195.00


  1. These wedges are so cute! I particularly love a nude/brown/tan wedge! That Nine West wedge is so cute. Steve Madden also makes a good wedge.

  2. @Y...

    I looked at some Steve Maddens but I felt like they would be way too treacherous. LMAO! So I opted for the "no name" They came today and are VERY comfy and not that high..thank GOD! Great padding in the foot-bed and adjustable ankle straps (which I need because I have such small ankles.


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