Green with Envy: Green Wrap Maxi Dress OOTD

Hey folks!

I know it's been forever since I've posted an outfit of the day.. But here goes nothing!

My husband and I went out to Downtown Atlanta to celebrate his fraternity brother's birthday. I wanted to dress up in a cute way (as much as I could for my current status!)

Luckily, I had a dress from Lurap. If you are familiar with shops such as Eshakti who take custom measurements then you'll see why I love Lurap.  They took my measurements and sent me this dress called the "Steal Green Dress" and it retails for about $60. 
Steal Green Dress

Unfortunately, I can't wear heels so I was in my foldable gold flats and paired it with my Kenneth Cole green croc skin clutch. I'm 6 months pregnant so I went up two sizes and it fairly well. Right now "cup runneth over" so the bust is a bit odd but still not uncomfortable. 

Contact Lurap! They make things amazing with quick ordering and shipping! 



  1. Styling and profiling! That's awesome that you're ordering custom-fit outfits. Will this be something you can wear after the baby as well?

  2. Well I'm hoping I'm not that big after the baby


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