Jumpers, Overalls and New Trends for Fall

So I thought I had left Overalls back in the 90s' but they are coming back in a BIG way this season, This time around, they are more fitted, in different washes and in different contrasting arrangements of harnesses/buckles. You can make them sexy or tailor them to be really dressed down and casual. Pair them w/ a blazer to carry you into a cocktail hour or even pair them w/ sneakers (Like I did) they also don't even have to be denim. Jumpers are coming in soft rayons to tough leathers this season.

This past Sunday I wore a pair that I copped form an Ebay Seller . Mine are a darker wash and skinny jean legs and distressed. I was inspired to get a pair from seeing my girl Ledisi in several pair

Notice how she pairs hers with pointy toe stilettoes, fitted t-shirts and loos long locs.

I got mine again from an Ebay Seller:

I paired mine this weekend with this super cute Wonder Woman Tee I got from Etsy.

 And some black wedge sneakers I got last season from Go Jane. See similar ones here 

I threw on a floppy hat....This was my final look

Here are some other women's Overall looks I love. Courtesy of Pinterest

SO what do you all think? On board with the new trend of Sexy Overall/Jumpers?


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