Black Hair: GOOGLE IT!

(That's me in my "faux hawk" locs)

My number one pet peeve beyond pet peeves, is when non-black people (esp our white cousins), want to ask me 10000 and 12 questions about my hair. Normally..I wear my hair loc'ed. It is all my hair and almost waist length.

Just a few weeks ago...I was in a casual meeting w/ a white colleague and she abruptly goes.

Her: "Your normally wear it up right?"
Me: "Uhm yeah..."
Her: What is it? Braids? Extensions
Me: *audble sigh* No. It's locs
Her: Oh..ok..I figured it was all your hair
Me: *thinking* (so why did you ask........)
Her: How long is it?
Me: To my waist......
Her: WOW!!!!
Me: *rolls eyes*

I get so tired of it. I really do. My ex boss..was just rude about it. Saying she "preferred" that  my hair was up (I guess because it was less threatening).... and she even went on to talk about an old co-worker who had the "shortest nappiest hair" (her words)...and always kept it in braids. She thought my hair, for four years, was braids. I've had locs for 10 years........... and I really feel liek it wasn't her place to discuss her co-worker's hair unless she was her supervisor and she had lice or something. smh. (which I am sure she didn't).

I wore an Afro wig at a costume party and the girl here thought that I had taken my "braids" down. WTF....

When I worked in another department, I wore a wig as I transitioned. A white woman blatantly touched my hair and goes "Oh I thought that wasn't your hair.........." Oh you thought huh?


I get tired of educating them on stuff they CLEARLY can Google. Black hair is pretty cool..but it isn't my job to educate you.

We wash our hair the same  way you all do. (Just with different products). We may not wash as often because we do not have to....All our hair is different textures. And it grows..just not like yours. Sometimes it can be super long too.
We do not like to be touched w/o provocation or reason. Hair is a highly personal thing. Always has been a symbol of adornment and beauty since the days of African tribes, kings and queens.
(Me in a Wig which is over my locs)

Whether I wear a wig over my locs....or my locs up or down...twisted or coil. If I decided to wake up one morning and shave my head bald, then I would have that right. Natural hair isn't a choice or "lifestyle". It's the way my hair grows out my head. Period.

While I find that some black folks have a serious self hate issue with their hair, white people feign ignorance in order to "learn". My job isn't to teach you about black culture. That is what Google and stuff is for. Wasn't things about standards of Eurocentric beauty not DRILLED into my head by media, popular culture and history? You can do me the courtesy and research for yourself.

I am not your personal Sophisticated Black Hair. smh

/EndRant :)


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