Debt Diet 2013 and Losing the "Shopping Bug"

Hello All!!


I know I haven't blogged in forever but life has truly gotten in the way.  And as 2013 gets underway, I realize that I have sort of lost my "zeal" for shopping. It's like "Ok..what is there truly ELSE to buy??" And the answer is nothing. I have just about every style I like..and every shoe I need and for every my price range. I just got tired of shopping. I's blasphemy as a women. I have, however, had fun styling my BF who declared he needed a makeover. HE was pleasantly surprised with things I picked out from Old Navy's Big and Tall line. The man has a new look....very nice :)

Not to mention...2013 is going to be a BIG year for me. I am having to buckle down and really handle some things financially and physically, and shopping just doesn't factor into those plans. So...I plan on challenging myself to "shop my closet". Not to mention, my bf just shakes his head when I dig through my closet to pull out something new that has tags. It is a daggone shame...(well at least that is what he says....).

In the meantime...enjoy a few pics of me and my outfits I've worn and paired with shoes in my existing collection.


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