Stylin' On Trend: Wedge Sneakers

(Tameka "Tiny" Harris in Ash Wedge Sneakers. Pics courtesy of Necole Bitchie)

Oh the dreaded yet beloved "high heeled" sneaker.... 

 When I think "high heeled sneaker" I always think of the ones I wore in the 90s with the big stacked heel....or the ones I used to rock..the high heeled Timberlands....

 However, the style has recently had a revamp or sorts. I am not sure about this trend...For one I am not big on sneakers and well...we all know how I feel about wedges.  Some look cuter than most and then some look like space boots.

Nevertheless... I am willing to try it out and then come back and do a "My Look, My Style" based on that.... :) I promise....

Here are some at ,, and that I have found to be cuter than most!

So dolls, how do you feel about the new (yet revamped) trend of "wedge sneakers"


  1. Some are cute but, like you, I havent quite made up my mind yet. Im just not a sneaker girl at all - and even though these have a "wedge heel" they still pretty much just look like high top sneakers to me....

    1. Me neither! But I am up for the challenge of trying something new...we shall see how I work it!


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