Surprise Gifts: My Brother is the Best!

I say all the time that my brother is the best boyfriend ever!! He truly is... no man can compare to my "Mikey-Do-Do" :)  But he often will surprise me with things just for no reason!
He called me the other day and goes:

"What size shoe do you wear, again?"
"a 7.5"
"Ok bye"

...and he hung up! I was like..ok uhm....totally confused.

I went to check my mail yesterda and I got a package from him! I squealed with delight!! SHOES!! SHOES! Oh he definitely is a contributor to my shoe fetish....over the years..he's sent me some AWESOME shoes! Here are a sample:

The shoes were from White House/Black Market. (he works for the company) naturally...the ones that he sent were black from White House/Black Market as well......and he sent two pair.

Here they are on my feet
So comfy and so cute!! and as you all know..I am not a strong wedge wearer..but these are too cute!

Finally..he sent me these!
Black woven cross-band heels. They are 4.5 inch heels on a 1 inch platform. So really..they dont feel that high...

Trust me...I am going to def be rocking these in a future "My shoe, my style blog"

The shoes were also affordable at $94 and $99 respectively. These will be your go-to shoes for summer parties, BBQs, graduations, weddings, and summer company events!

Aren't these shoes so cute!! My brother is the best! And has some REALLY good taste.... Thank you brother!!! He's the absolute bestest big brother ever!!!

:) I love surprises!


  1. Omg, those shoes are too cute!!!! I particularly like those wedges!


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