Shoe Trends We Hate

Every season there is something that I cannot stand.... and this season there is no exception.. I am all for fashion..but some things are just ridiculous...

Here are a few trends that I HATE (and personally don't feel that they are too safe...)

Wedgeless heels. Just seems very scary

DSquareed Skater Heels (Just impractical and unfunctional)

Alexander McQueen wedges

Tove Jannsson Chain Shoes

I've said it before..Ballet Heels. WHY?? So Saddistic..

Alexander McQueen's Armadillo Heels (McQueen must be into BDSM)
Versace's 7 inch
Marc Jacons Reversable Heels (Just stupid looking..LOL)
Antonio Berardi Heeless shoe

Would you wear any of these shoes??? Ewwww..(Not i!)


  1. Im with you on most of these, esp. the ice skate heels. They just arent cute to me (and Ive seen them worn a variety of different ways).

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