Pantone says: Tangarine Tango it is!

I've never felt that orange was a complimentary color for my skin tone. So when Pantone said that the color of the year would be Tangerine Tango, a rich and vibrant orange, I instantly groaned. I have nothing remotely close to this color in my closet as I wanted to avoid looking like a, well, an orange.

Needless to say, ever since then, I've seen a lot of really fly orange and tangerine shoes on the fashion scene.

Here are a few that I found to be quite the cuties:
Steven "Khen" $179.00
Salvatore Ferragamo "Cosmina" $495.00
Michael Kors "Ariana" Wedge $150.00
Rosegold "Suzanna" $188.00
Jessica Simpson "Waleo" $89

Jessica Simpson "Match" $69.99

Chinese Laundry "Moving on" in Pumpkin Suede $99.95
Michael Kors "Hamilton" loafer in Tangerine $110.00
Michael Kors "Marlow" $151.99

Marc Jacobs "MJ17096" $278
Nine West "Devaline" $89

Ralph Lauren Collection "Alannah" $495
Chinese Laundry "Cupcakes" $57.99
2LipsToo "Too Desired" $42.99

Joan and David "Jora" $110.99

Dolce and Gabanna $288.00 some are not quite in the "tangerine" family but are def close enough!

So are we ready to dance our way into 2012 with Tangerine Tango??? 


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