Shoe of the Season: Miu Miu's Trompe l'Oeil Ankle Boot

(Miu Miu Runway Picture courtesy of )

This shoe debuted on at the Miu Miu Fall 2011 fashion shows for Fashion Week!!  I simply adore it. It is half-bootie, half-shoe (well...with the illusion of a glittery of sock!)

I absolutely adore these! I mean seriously...they are Bad-ass to me! The Miu Miu Trompe l'Oeil Ankle Boot is so so fabulous!

They come in a variety of color combos (if you can find them) and they are such a hot seller, you may have to even look at Ebay for a pair.

They are available at Net-a-Porter for $890 and at for $890


The Price Tag: $890!!!

Nordstroms also has one that isn't so glittery (for the same price of course). So you can def wear this one during the day to evening...def more subtle but just as stylish!

But come close....
*whispers* has them, authentic Miu Miu's for $745!!! That's a tremendous savings.... (but there is a waitlist) all know me...I can def find you a is one that is JUST AS CUTE

Steve Madden "Hasst" (also comes in black) for just $152 on

So please...get on this trend and enjoy the look of two shoes in one!!


  1. Gosh, I know this is the "it" shoe right now, but somehow i just cant get with the curved heel (lol). Maybe if it was on my actual foot i'd feel differently!

  2. Yeah it's hot to me..i kinda like the heel and i do may look dff on the foot. I'm gonna go to the Steve Madden store and try on the dupe.

  3. It's interesting though, as I look at the Madden shoe I notice one very important detail they left out, and that is the curve! I mean, that is Miu Miu's trademark, so why wouldnt they curve the heel?! Hmmm, maybe its a copyright issue or something. *shrug*

    I cant wait to see pics if you do get a pair!


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